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Indian River Lagoon 1885 map
C.E. Historical Landscape Legend
New York City, 1845  NOAA-Historical Map and CHart Collection
France, 1800  David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
France, 1585  David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Long Island, 1835

Michael J. Horner

 (c) 1995

Poor color copy of a hand-drawn gift map.

Clip of: Long Island, 1835  Michael J. Horner   (c) 1995
Clip of: Long Island, 1850  Cartistic Endeavors  (c) 2023

Long Island, 1850

Cartistic Endeavors

(c) 2023

Same area in our

Historic Landscape Style

   I Love Maps (surprise, surprise).

   I love maps, especially old maps. Early in my career I worked in a map library. One day clearing out one of the "miscellaneous" drawers in the back I came across a collection of antique maps. Some were reproductions but some were true antique maps, and a few were 16th century English shire maps (horror of horrors) cut out of an old atlas.

   I found that looking at these maps and others from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries had the power to transport me. Imagining the landscape, the people, their villages and towns; and I wanted to express that wonder myself (see clips of some examples found online).

   They started as hand-drawn simple stylish maps as gifts. They matured in style and "voice" as one followed another and my exposure to other maps, of other times, and other places expanded. Soon, I wanted to give them framed and realized large maps in non-standard sizes could get pretty expensive. Also, I wanted to reproduce them and found photo reproduction (at that time) of a large map was also pricey and left some of the quality of detail behind.

   So I began to work out the technical and stylistic challenges of digital cartography. I gravitated toward late 18th-early 19th century topographic maps that still retained some pictorial aspect. Certainly developing the look and feel I wanted took a lot of tries and re-tries, but I also found I was pushing the bounds of software and hardware I was utilizing. Being that all this was a hobby, I rarely worked with the latest versions of software and my hardware seemed to have much in common with the historic periods I was mapping.

  Yet, I persisted, my gifts continued, my style developed, and now—many, many years later I wish to share them with you (see clips of my hand-drawn and digital cartography). Portrayed in our Historic Landscape Style (TM), explore on other pages of this website maps of the eastern United States (so far). Some are historic in nature, some contemporary but all with that same historic style.

   Hopefully you will find an area to transport you, to a favorite vacation place, your second home, your "heaven on earth;" that when you see our map, hanging in your office or home you can, for a moment, be there and find soul-rest for yourself.

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